Chip Wilcox


Chip brings a solid track record in business analysis and operations management in the United States and Asia, from Digital Media and Healthcare Administration, to Insurance and Financial Services. Chip has held key regional roles in Yahoo!, both in Emerging Markets and as their Head of Business Operations for Southeast Asia. He served as General Manager of the TRICARE Overseas Program, with International SOS. In January 2014, he joined Temasys Communications, an early stage startup with the aim of becoming the "Amazon Web Services of Real Time Communications." Initially hired as the SVP of Operations, he moved into the role of CEO in April 2014.

Temasy helps web developers quickly build and deploy interactive information and data sharing applications that leverage the next generation of communications technology, WebRTC.

Today, Temasys is bringing to market a full suite of APIs, SDKs, CMS plugins and more, to enable the quick and easy development and deployment of interactive video, audio, and data sharing apps, all supported by a robust, stable, secure and massively scalable cloud-based infrastructure.

  • Work
    • Temasys Communications Pte Ltd
    • AdzCentral Pte Ltd
    • International SOS
    • Yahoo!
  • Education
    • MBA, University of Washington Foster School of Business (2003)
    • BA, DePauw University (1989)